Book Review: The Green Glass Sea

Written by Ellen Kages

Ellen Kages' historical fiction novel, The Green Glass Sea , takes place on a secret military base during World War I and World War II. Dewey, the protagonist, is a unique and intelligent nine-year old girl.

Though Dewey's grandmother initially raises her, she later lives with her father, an atomic scientist. Once she moves in with her dad, she is able to pursue her passion of inventing. She likes to take objects apart and rebuild them. Dewey often uses recycled scraps to create her inventions.

My favorite part of the book is when Dewey's father takes, a bomb that he has built into the desert to be tested. Once tested, the sand surrounding the bomb turns into a green glass sea, hence the title of the book.

I like this book because even though the author chose to write about an historical event, the characters are fun and relatable. Reading this book, I learned about friendship. When Dewey's father dies, she moves in with Suzy, a girl her age, who also lives on the base. While Dewey and Suzy do not get along well at first, they eventually learn more about each other and soon become close friends.

I recommend this book to readers who are 10 and older, because they will be able to understand the novel's historical context and its references to WWI and WW II. I also recommend this book to people who like the genre historical fiction.

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