Wild Yak Species Nears Extinction

When in the northern Tibetan plateau, look out for wild yaks. If they feel threatened, these creatures are more likely to attack than their domesticated yak cousins are.

Wild yaks typically live in cold tundra and desert regions, where they are protected from the weather by huge fur coats. Usually standing up to 325 cm, these gigantic mammals travel long distances to find food. The wild yak feeds on a variety of vegetation.

These vast, food-finding journeys can be dangerous, however. Herds of wild yaks might run into poachers or other animals that can spread diseases. In fact, the danger of foraging for food, in addition to their shrinking natural habitat, has slowly caused the wild yak to become an endangered species.

Today, this animal’s adult population is fewer than 10,000. While some worldwide efforts to save the species exist, the wild yak may soon face extinction.

[Source: National Geographic ]