Shark Subspecies Reign Over the Earth's Oceans

You may not know that “Great White Sharks” was not the original name for this fierce, aquatic species. These sharks were originally known by their Latin name, carcharodon carcharias .

Great Whites are known as the most dangerous predatory fish found near North America. They live in tropical waters along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Great Whites typically weigh up to 2,500 pounds. Great Whites are threatened by nets and fisherman who use cages. They frequently attack and feed on other species like dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and crustaceans.

Tiger sharks, another shark species, weigh 1,700 pounds on average. They have pointed snouts that can grow up to 18 feet long. Tiger sharks are cold-blooded omnivores primarily found in tropical and sub-tropical waters. They swim at speeds reading 20 miles per hour. These sharks are considered to be among the most dangerous of all sharks.

A third type of shark, the Blue Shark, eats birds, carrion, and invertebrates. Blue Sharks can give birth to more than 100 babies at a time. These sharks are found near ocean shores. Blue Sharks' Latin name is Prionce Glauca , and they are in the requiem shark family.

All three of these sharks are important parts of the aquatic ecosystem. Consequently, they are important to study at aquatic centers.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of North American Animals ]

Amazing work! I had no idea that blue sharks could give birth to so many babies. Keep it up! – Shreya Shrestha , West High School (2017-02-27 21:25)
This is such an interesting and informative article- great job! But I wish I'd learned what specifically makes each of these sharks important to the ecosystems they belong to. – Jacqueline Zuniga Paiz , West High School (2017-02-28 14:30)
Nice work Nate! But yeah, I don't think I'll be swimming in the ocean anytime soon...that's how good this piece is!!! – Cris , Sennett (2017-02-28 17:38)