Paramecia are Complex, Single-Celled Organisms

Paramecia are microscopic, single-celled living organisms shaped like slippers. They are found in fresh lake water and have the fascinating ability to shoot out poison darts called trichocysts to wound and capture their prey.

Once a paramecium shoots its dart, its prey is stunned. Paramecium feed on smaller bacteria like algae and yeast. This actually helps the environment by cleaning bacteria out of lake water.

Every paramecium has an extremely small organelle called the nucleus , which works like the human brain does. It is divided into the micronucleus , a storage site for the DNA of the organisms, and the macronucleus , the center of where the organism produces power.

Paramecia also have little hairs called cilia that vibrate rhythmically and help them move forward, backward, and even in a circle.

These little unicellular creatures are the geniuses in the parameciidae family because they are the most complex of these organisms, and they help the environment.

[Source: Encyclopedia Britanica ]