The Mysterious Disapperance of Baby Whales

In 2018 researchers have not seen baby North Atlantic whales in the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Georgia where they are usually found. Where could these baby whales be?

There are a few theories about where these baby whales could have gone. One is that the mother whales could have migrated someplace else to give birth to their babies.

Dr. Charles Mayo, a whale expert, says, “I will not be surprised, though I will be excited, if we see a calf or two in Cape Cod Bay.”

The North Atlantic whale has been on the endangered list for some time. From 1990-2014 there were estimated to be 17 baby whales born each year in the ocean from Florida to Georgia. This number has gone down since then. In 2017 there were a total of five baby whales born. Another possibility for their disappearance is that there could have just been no whales born.

The baby whale population is rapidly decreasing and researchers are struggling to find out what is happening to them. Where do you think the baby whales are? More importantly, what does this mean for the future of the whale population?

[Source: The New York Times ]

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