Pacific Barreleyes Adapt to Pitch Black Waters

There are many mysterious fish that roam the ocean. They come in many sizes, colors and shapes. One of those fish is the Pacific barrreleye.

The Pacific barreleye was discovered in 1939, but scientists only knew what it looked like because of mangled body parts found in fishing nets. The first photo of this mysterious fish was taken in 2004 by scientists in the deep waters of California.

Living in water that is almost pitch black, the Pacific barreleye spends the majority of its time motionless in water. 2,000-feet deep. Don’t be fooled by the two little dots on the front its head. Even though they look like eyes, they are actually scent organs. The fish is named for it’s two barrel-shaped eyes, that are hidden behind green lenses. These green lenses help filter what light little that travels through the depths this fish inhabits.

Because waters, the Pacific barreleye’s eye are upright tubes, scientists originally believed they could only look up. It was later discovered that their eyes could in fact, pivot, rotate and follow movements its prey.

[Source: Simpson Street Free Press Archives ]