Big Cats Stalk the African Savannah

Have you ever wondered what a lion's life is like? Lions spend much of their time hunting for food. These furry cats also live and raise their cubs in prides.

A male and a female lion look very different from each other. Male lions have sandy-colored fur that blends into their grassland habitat. They also have a mane of darker hair that makes them look powerful and dangerous. Female lions have sandy-colored fur too, but they do not have a mane.

The lionesses, or female lions, are responsible for hunting. They hunt as a team, which allows them to kill giant animals, such as zebras, wildebeests and buffalo. They usually hunt in the morning and evening. They do this so they can blend in with their surroundings, which makes it easier to sneak up on their prey. Most lions don't eat people, but they have done so in the past.

Lions live in large groups called prides. Prides are made of multiple related families that have around 30 members. Female lions in the pride can have up to six cubs and live with them for at least two years. Male lions often move to different prides, but when they do, they must kill other males in that pride to join the group.

Lions are unique and complex animals. They aren’t just killers—lions are smart, social, and loyal to their pride.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Wildcats ]

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