Golden Lion Tamarins Are Fierce, but Endangered

Do you want to know about one of the rarest monkeys in the world? Then read on to learn about the golden lion tamarin monkey!

The golden lion tamarins typically grow to 13 inches in length. These small monkeys have a thick coat of golden fur ranging in color from a rich reddish-gold to bright sunshiny yellow. They use their canines to kill prey and tear husks from hard fruit.

The golden lion tamarin gets its extravagant name from its lion-like mane. When it feels threatened, its mane opens up to make it look bigger.

Golden lion tamarins live around rainforests in South America, particularly in south eastern Brazil. Here, they eat fruits, insects, spiders, vertebrates, gum, sap, and resins. They also use their paws to take insects out of logs.

Adult golden lion tamarins of the same sex will show aggression toward to each other and sometimes even fight to the death. Those who do not fight to the death typically live up to 15 years if they live in the zoo. But, if they live in the wild, they usually only live for five to eight years.

The golden lion tamarin, who has low population numbers, needs your help. You can aid this amazing creature by giving money to a charity that helps endangered species. Who knows, you might even save a life!

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals ]