Eurasian Woodcocks Camouflage Into Their Surroundings

Eurasian Woodcocks are great, wondrous creatures with many interesting quirks and features. But the real question is, can you find them?

Eurasian Woodcocks are masters at hiding. Their plumage blends into leaf litter, and their large, dark eyes allow these birds to see their forest homes from all angles.

Eurasian Woodcocks belong to the Scolopacidae family and are often confused with six other kinds of woodcocks in the same family—mainly the snipe. Overall, the Woodcock and the snipe have the same shape, with slight variations in physical appearance and living habits that make all the difference. For example, snipes thrive better in damp areas, while Woodcocks are usually found in habitats like the forests of the Atlantic islands off of North Africa, eastward to Japan. Eurasian Woodcocks also have proportional bills and shorter legs compared to the snipe.

Eurasian Woodcocks weigh between eight to 14 ounces. Their typical diet includes insects such as beetles, larvae, and crickets. Woodcocks also eat earthworms and berries in the winter time when the ground freezes and insects are difficult to access. This same freezing is what drives other Woodcocks to migrate elsewhere. The bill of the Woodcock is about three inches long, with a sensitive tip that allows the bird to sense what and where its underground prey is.

Eurasian Woodcocks typically live 12 to 15 years. They mate March through July and lay an average of two to five eggs. With a wingspan of about 24 inches, Woodcocks use their long bodies to protect their young from predators.

Because Eurasian Woodcocks are hard to find, there is still much to learn about this beautiful bird of mystery.

[Source: Wildlife Explorer ]

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