Watch Out For These Deadly Sea Creatures!

When most people think of deadly sea creatures, they most often think about sharks. However, sharks rarely attack humans. There are other sea creatures that can kill people.

A blue-ringed octopus is usually smaller than a human hand. Although it seems quite harmless, one bite from this creature can kill. Even though its bite is painless, it can be fatal in just a few seconds. A human can become paralyzed and stop breathing.

Sea snakes are mostly found in the coral reef waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. They hunt for their prey which hides in coral crevices or sandy burrows. One bite from these creatures can be as deadly as a cobra's bite. Most sea snakes will not attack humans unless they are provoked. The people who are most often killed by sea snakes are fishermen.

The box jellyfish is venomous and is one of the deadliest animals in the world. The tentacles of this creature hang down in bunches from each corner of the box-shaped top. This animal is mostly found along the northern beaches of Australia. One painful sting can kill in just a few minutes.

All of these creatures are deadly so watch out for them the next time you go to the beach or swim in the ocean!

[Source: Guide to the Oceans: A Thrilling Journey Into a Watery World ]

Such an informative article, when I think of deadly sea creatures my mind jumps straight to sharks. I didn't know of other dangerous creatures in the sea. Keep up the hard work Melanie! – Cristian Cruz , Madison West High School (2019-10-29 16:54)