Tricky and Dangerous Creatures Poison and Befuddle Their Prey

by Yesenia Martinez, age 12

Some animals have evolved defenses that are scary and dangerous. Here’s a few you might want to avoid

Arrow poison frogs, from South America, have bright skins that are very poisonous. The native people extract their venom so they can use on their arrow tips. That is how they got their name. Salamanders are also known for their bright skin. If you touch them, expect irritation or rashes on your skin. They also can taste foul to other animals.

Some snakes are more poisonous than others. The poisonous snakes inject their venom in their prey before they eat it. They do this through long, sharp, hollow teeth called fangs. Constricting snakes are not poisonous, but they are known to wrap themselves around their prey and squeeze them to death. Then they eat it.

Alligator snapping turtles are also very dangerous; they live in deep rivers and lakes. To catch their prey they open their mouth and what may look like a worm is actually a tongue. So when fish come to take a peek, the turtle snaps them shut.

There are still many more animals that are dangerous, but now you have an idea what animals you should stay away from.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Reptiles and Amphibians ]

Great article Yesenia! I think that it is interesting that some animals use poison for hunting, like snakes, and others like the frogs, use it for defense. – Ben , Madison (2014-05-31 11:49)
Although most poisonous reptiles and amphibians inject their victims with poison, it's so interesting how arrow poison frogs and salamanders actually carry venomous skin. It's scary how just one touch can do so much harm! AAAAHHH! – Ali Khan , Cross Plains (2014-09-04 18:58)
Absolutely first rate and cor-eppbottomed, gentlemen! – Marilee , Absolutely first rate and cor-eppbottomed, gentlemen! (2016-04-27 18:04)