What's That Bug Buzzing Around the Yard?

Did you know that not all dragonflies share the same physical structure?

In fact, Common Whitetail dragonflies are not large in size, but they have bigger abdomens than many other species of dragonfly.

Adult whitetails are about one and a half to two inches in length. They typically have a wingspan of two and a half to three inches. Located in southern Canada and throughout the United States, their habitat includes ponds, rivers and streams.

Male whitetails in particular are territorial. They fly around their habitat and constantly pluck at small insects or chase away other male whitetails.

Unlike their plain, male counterparts, female whitetails are brown with yellow spots. After mating, the females use their lower abdomen to drop their eggs into the water repeatedly, laying up to 50 eggs that will hatch within a week.

Common Whitetail Dragonflies are so common (hence their name) that they might even be in your backyard. Next time you are outside, see if you can catch sight of a whitetail.

[Source: North American Animals ]