Cheetahs are as fast as cars. They are able to go up to 70 mph for short distances, and they can reach their maximum speed in just 3 seconds!

Cheetahs are kind of like football players. Their feet have special cleats so they can run without slipping or falling. Also, cheetahs have marks on their face that kind of look like the marks football players have on their face. The tear marks help block the glare of the sun.

Cheetah moms have two to eight cubs, but the moms have to be careful because there are predators who want to eat their cubs. Sadly, most of the cubs get eaten within a year after they are born.

Cheetahs are an endangered species. There are only 8,000 left in the wild. They are the most endangered cat in Africa.

Cheetahs are very fascinating because they are cool and can do many things. I hope that you think they are fascinating.

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