Butterflies and Moths: The Sky's Most Beautiful Creatures

Butterflies and are some of the sky's most beautiful and colorful creatures, and although they might not seem all that special, they are. People are often surprised by the secrets these tiny insects hold.

During their earlier stages, butterflies and moths are caterpillars. Some caterpillars are poisonous, similar to how their older selves can be. Caterpillars build cocoons around themselves and then turn into butterflies and moths inside. This process is called metamorphosis.

Butterflies and moths do not have mouths to eat. Instead they have tubes. The tube is called a proboscis. These tubes are flexible allowing them to move to the blossom. The butterflies and moths extend their feeding tubes into the blossoms and extract the nectar. This is their food source. To these insects, blossoms are sweet and delicious, even though to humans nectar is bitter.

How do these insects get their colorful wings? There are bright pigments inside each and every scale on the wings of these tiny creatures. This results in their beautiful and vivid wings.

Butterflies and moths tend to live on trees in clusters. When it starts to get cold they begin to migrate to warmer places near the equator. This explains why they are rarely seen during fall and winter seasons in the northern hemisphere.

Butterflies and moths might seem like calm and peaceful creatures but they are not always. These insects are not dangerous to humans, but to predators they can be a threat. Only certain types of butterflies and moths are poisonous. People can usually tell which ones are poisonous based on how bright the colors on their wings are. However some are colorful simply to make themselves seem dangerous to their predators.

These little creatures are quite complex and varied, so when observing them in nature, pay more attention

[Source: Insects ]

This was such a beautiful piece Zaniya! You have so many interesting facts about butterflies especially the one relating to humans, and how our taste varies so much from butterflies. – Yani , Madison East High School (2020-04-08 16:35)