Beavers: The Smart Architects

Do you know how clever and smart beavers are? They work as if they were architects, builders, and farmers all in one!

For most of the year, they are hard at work making shelter for the upcoming winter. In the spring, beavers find a stream, on which they start to build a dam. They start damming with stone, mud, and branches.

After the dam is complete, the beavers build a dome-shaped lodge. They may need to swim underwater during the construction. But they resurface frequently, because they can only be underwater for about five minutes.

Beavers feed on twigs, leaves, and other roots. Since these are not available in the winter, they gather extra food during the summer to store in their lodges for the wintertime.

Beavers work hard to build and maintain a quiet home and have a sufficient food supply over the course wintertime.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Mammals ]