Bobcats in Wisconsin

This year the WBAY television news station in Green Bay announced a bobcat sighting. The big cat was spotted in Suamico Wisconsin, near Highway 41.

Bobcats can be found throughout the North America, mostly from Southern Mexico to Southern Canada.

A bobcats’ diet consists of rabbits, nesting birds, and rodents. Their big ears act like radar which they use to hunt prey. Bobcats usually live up to 12 to 15 years. Did you know bobcats can leap three feet and six inches in the air to catch birds. They can have one to six kittens, but they usually have two to three. The kittens usually weigh between two and six pounds.

Bobcats have a short black-tipped tail. At the back of their mouths are scissor-like teeth that can slice through sinew and flesh. The blotches on their dense coat help them to camouflage.

Bobcats are one of the most unique type of wild cats because they are so successful.

[Sources: WBAY NEWS ; Atlas of Animals ]

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