Bobcats? Not in My Backyard!

Bobcats are interesting creatures with specific eating, hunting, and sleeping habits.

Bobcats are tawny-red or gray with dark spots on their back, and a lighter color on their belly. Their tail and legs are marked with black. Bobcats are two and a half to four feet long and 15-30 pounds.

These cats are found all across southern Canada and the United States except in the Midwest around Wisconsin and Michigan. Bobcats prefer living in scrub, deserts, forests, and swamps. Most of the time Bobcats relax during the day by the rocks or vegetation or even up in trees. After night falls, they go out and hunt. This makes them nocturnal.

Mating takes place in early spring, with cubs born at the beginning of the summer. The moms shelter their young in places like caves. They can have two or three cubs at a time. Bobcat cubs will remain with their mother for about a year until they are able to hunt independently.

Bobcats hunt by finding a good spot and waiting until their prey comes along and then attacks. Bobcats usually hunt smaller mammals like hares and rabbits, but sometimes will go after bigger animals like deer. When they kill a larger animal, they will usually return to the same spot in order to eat it.

Whether it is hunting or mating, Bobcats are felines that do things a little differently than the average wildcat.

[Source: North America Animals ]