Jaguar Population Threatened by Poachers, Habitat Loss

Jaguars are not only strong swimmers – they're also the only wildcats that enjoy going in water. This is just one of their many unique characteristics.

You might think a turtle shell is really hard, but jaguars would disagree. These mammals have very powerful jaws that can crack open turtle shells to get the meat inside. Jaguars eat all different kinds of animals such as capybaras, fish, birds, and horses.

Inhabiting rainforests and sometimes swampy waters, Jaguars live in Central and South America. Around 100 years ago, they also lived in California and Texas. However, they were pushed out of these states due to habitat loss. Now, much of their habitat has been destroyed and they are forced to live in limited space. Because of this, there are only about 15,000 jaguars left in the wild.

Additionally, these creatures are threatened by illegal hunting. Jaguars are often killed for their fur, which is then sold by poachers to the fashion industry. Approximately 13,500 jaguars are killed every year for this reason.

Jaguars are fast and beautifully unique creatures. It would be a pity for them to become extinct.

[Source: Simpson Street Free Press Archives ]