Historic Indochinese Tigers Face Current Poaching Threat

About 100,000 years ago tigers roamed the Indochinese region. Thus deemed “Indochinese Tigers,” these powerful beasts are said to be the ancestors of all other tiger subspecies.

Indochinese Tigers are usually found in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. A full grown, male Indochinese Tiger can weigh 330 to 430 pounds, while females typically weigh 290 pound. The mammals range in length from 8 to 10 feet in length.

Because they have a lot of the same features, like their stripes for example, the Indochinese Tiger is often mistaken for the Bengal Tiger. Indochinese Tigers are unique, however, because they live very high in the mountains in isolated areas. Unfortunately, in these areas it's harder for governments to catch poachers. Consequently, the Indochinese Tiger is in danger due to high levels of poaching.

There are many different programs currently in place to protect Indochinese tigers. For instance, some of these programs keep the tigers in captivity where they can live without threats. Conservationists hope to increase the population in the wild for these majestic animals over the coming years. Success of their efforts could revitalize this once abundant species.

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