Deadly Cosmetics Were Used in Ancient Rome

Archaeologists recently discovered a sarcophagus, which is much like a coffin, that was almost 2,000 years old in Germany. This sarcophagus contained the remains of an ancient woman. This discovery is particularly interesting because the woman went to her afterlife fully prepared with jewelry, makeup, and perfume.

It is believed that the woman lived in the third century A.D. At that time, a big portion of Europe was part of the Roman Empire. The ancient Romans, much like the Egyptians, believed in the afterlife and would often bury their dead with objects they could use in the next life.

The woman’s remains were uncovered in what is now the western part of Germany. Archeologists announced their find at a recent press conference in Bonn, Germany. Perfume bottles, a string of pearls, makeup, and a small jar used for good luck were found with her.

Women’s interest in cosmetics was equivalent to men’s interest in warfare. Unfortunately, some ingredients in their makeup were toxic and did horrible things to their bodies, causing health problems and affecting both organs and body systems. Other ingredients we still use to this day, including beeswax which is commonly found in lip balms, and kohl which can be found in modern eyeliners.

Archaeologists believe that the woman died between the ages of 25 and 30. The exact cause of death is unknown but they think it may have been caused by the makeup found in her sarcophagus, some of which were made from lead, a highly toxic ingredient.

Many archaeologists continue working to discover new mysteries just like this one. Their findings will help us learn more about the lives of ancient Romans and their history.

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