YouTube's Loophole Could Exploit its Stars

Do you watch your favorite YouTubers all the time? Do you want to see them poor and stressed out? Because that’s what could happen due to recent changes in YouTube policies. Read on for the sake of PewDiePie—a YouTube sensation!

YouTube is a website where anyone can upload videos for people to watch. It ranges from music, to gaming, to tutorials about anything. YouTube has over 1 billion users. There is a child lock for concerned parents but the site can be used by all ages.

YouTubers are encouraged to always increase the number of subscribers to their channel. Once they have 100,000 subscribers they start getting paid. They get paid through advertisers that put commercials before, or in, their videos. When more people watch the videos, the YouTubers get paid more.

This system sounds great but there is a big problem; it's called “demonetization.” Essentially, if YouTube deems that a video is inappropriate, the website reserves the right to revoke monetization from ad revenue. Some angry YouTubers have created videos voicing their concerns. A YouTuber named McjuggerNuggets has been demonetized on his channel for three of his videos that were very famous. Ads were removed from his videos because of profanity and violence in a show he was producing. Many other big YouTubers have addressed this problem.

The policy started in 2011, but recently it has become stricter. Some YouTube stars have lost so much revenue that they have been forced to find second jobs. Some articles even say that this policy could be the downfall of YouTube if it gets any worse.

No ads equals no money, no money equals no jobs, which means fewer great videos for us to watch.

[Source: Arizona Wildcat ]

Wow I've heard of this problem but I didn't know it was for this reason. Good job :)! – Amanda , Sennett (2017-02-13 14:29)