Beautiful Creatures Once Hunted to Near Extinction

Have you ever seen a wolf? Hundreds of years ago, you would have seen wolves in many parts of the world.

In the 1800’s, Europeans settled on the Great Plains and hunted buffalo, which wolves also hunted, so wolves began preying on cattle and sheep, which made ranchers angry. They began killing the wolves to protect their livestock and even started a campaign to decrease the wolf population. Since the settlers killed buffalo faster than the wolves, less food was available for the wolves to eat.

The U.S. government wanted to protect wolves so they passed a law in 1973 dedicated to the protection of animals who are becoming extinct known at the time as the Endangered Species Act. This Act prevented people from hunting wolves.

Today, wildlife biologists create collars to track down wolves for their safety. Tracking wolves tell scientists about their diet and lifestyle. Wolves are protected in national parks like Yellowstone. Scientists even capture and breed different wolf species, such as the red wolf, and later release them back into the woods to ensure the species survival.

Our society needs to understand the consequences we would experience if wolves become extinct. We need to change in order to keep them alive so we don’t lose such an important and beautiful species.

[Source: Wild Creatures ]