When Soccer Turns Violent

Soccer is the most watched sport in the world, but did you know there have been times when it has become very violent? In Lima, Peru, 45,000 people attended a soccer match between Argentina and Peru in 1964. Peru scored a goal with just two minutes left in the match, tying the game, but the referee disallowed the goal and called a foul.

The crowd went wild. Two men ran onto the pitch (field) to attack the referee, and some policemen dashed after them. The game stopped, and the cheers turned to yells of fury as more people ran onto the pitch.

The situation got worst as the police tried to control the crowd by using tear gas and dogs. Benches were set on fire and people rushed to the exits.

Many people died after being trampled and others suffocated while trying to get out of the stadium. In total, over 300 people died and 500 more were injured.

Soccer can be fun until the crowd turns violent.

[Source: The World Greatest Disasters ]