Canadian City "Cursed" with Mysterious Hum

In Windsor, Ontario in Canada, a humming sound has been occurring for years, and its source has yet to be identified.

Residents describe the sound as distant thunder or a truck idling. The hum has gotten so bad that it drove a resident more than 700 miles away. Tim Carpenter, a retired engineer, reported that not everyone could hear it. Those who can are referred to as “hearers.” Gender and age have no effect on why certain people can or can’t hear it.

Since this hum has been going on for years, it has actually been damaging people’s health. It has caused headaches, sleeplessness, irritability, depression, and many other negative side effects. It has ruined people’s quality of life; some residents have begun to wonder if they can ever relieve the pain. Doctor Darius Kohan did say that it was unlikely to have long-term damage to hearing, but it may cause a constant ringing in the ears.

This isn’t the only place where humming has shown up. In 1993, researchers tried to find the source of a similar hum called the Taos hum but didn’t succeed. Australia, England, and the United States have also had reports of a humming noise. The mysterious sound from Windsor has reached as far as McGregor, Ontario, a city on the Detroit River and east of Cleveland.

It has been difficult to find the source because it’s inconsistent and researchers haven’t found a pattern of when exactly it hums. Professor Colin Novak has said, “It’s like chasing a ghost.” So, this irritating hum continues to turn up at different times.

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