The Hidden Secrets of the Nintendo GameCube

The GameCube was one of the most successful consoles to be released in the early 2000's. In North America, it was released on November 18, 2001. It sold a total of 21.74 million units worldwide. When creating the GameCube, its designers added playful features for those who knew where to look.

For example, did you know that there are three GameCube Start-Up Sounds? The first start-up sound, which you normally hear when you turn on the console, is weird music. To listen to the second, hidden start-up sound, the Z button needs to be pushed on one controller. You will hear the laughter of children, baby rattles, squeaky toys, and childish noises. To listen to the third start-up sound, you'll have to plug in at least four Controllers and push the Z button on all of the controllers. By doing this, you'll hear some Japanese music, drums, woodblocks, and a "hwaaaaaa"!

Start-up sounds aren't the only hidden secret. If you take apart your GameCube and look closely at the circuit board, you will see a tiny image of a Dolphin. But, why would Nintendo put a dolphin inside the console? Why not a Panda or some other animal? In its early stages the GameCube was called the “N2000,” similar to their earlier N64 console. But to hide the new console from Nintendo's competitors, they gave it the codename “Dolphin.” The hidden image is a homage to this codename.

The GameCube holds at least one more secret, but this one is hidden in plain sight. When you start the GameCube with no disk in it, you hear odd intro music. But if you were to speed that intro music up, you would see that it sounds like the Famicom intro. The Famicom is the first and rarest Nintendo console. It was only released in Japan in the 1980's.

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Awesome article Amare! I'm so happy to see you cover things you like--it shows in your writing. I learned a whole lot about the GameCube reading this. Keep up the great work! – Mckenna Kohlenberg , UW Law School (2018-06-28 20:16)
Cool article dude I really liked reading it! – Luis P , La Follette High School (2018-06-28 20:17)
Cool article dude I really liked reading it! – Luis P , La Follette High School (2018-06-28 20:17)