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Malayan Tigers Face Numerous Threats

The Malayan tiger, or panthera tigris jacksoni , is a subspecies of the Indochinese tiger. Though this subspecies is more numerous than other types of tiger, its population is dwindling.

There are only 600 to 800 Malayan tigers left today. They live in the Main Range, the Greater Taman Negara, and the southern forest complex of the Malay Peninsula, which is practically uninhabited by humans. These locations are in the four Malaysian states of Phang, Perak, Terengganu, and Kelantan.

Malayan tigers weigh up to a whoping 264 pounds. They eat deer, wild boar, livestock, and sun bear. These ferocious tigers stalk their prey, lure them into a false sense of security, and then pounce on their neck and choke them to death. Malayan tigers can grow up to two meters in length, which is very small in comparison to most species of tiger. Their little size helps them survive since they are less likely to be seen by natural predators and hunters.

Unfortunately, Malayan tigers are in critical danger due to deforestation and a number of other factors. Some villagers have been killing the tigers to use the land that they animals inhabit. Further, American poachers hunt them to sell their skins illegally on the black market. Many villagers kill the tigers on site because they eat their livestock, which has cost the villagers over $400,000 to date.

Since Malayan tigers are a less known species they haven't been as well protected as other, more popular animals. They will hopefully gain the attention and protection they deserve before it is too late.

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Loved reading about the tigers! Cats are my favorite animal. I liked reading about the endangered species. – Callan , Sennett Middle School (2016-05-16 13:59)
Great article! Tigers are a fascinating species. Keep up the good work! – Elise , Wright Free Press (2016-05-18 15:55)
This was wonderful, thank you for writing about such an amazing topic. – Raya Broad , Wright Free Press (2016-05-18 15:55)
Excellent article! I loved how you talk about how many Malayan tigers there is in the world left. I also noticed how you talk about where they live and how they try to live away from humans. Great article! – Lennin Rios , Sennett Middle School (2016-10-25 19:29)
I love Tigers good vwork – Poetry Evans , Sennett (2017-01-23 15:06)
Awesome article! I love to reading about Tigers. I love to reading from other peoples point of view . – Desteny Alvarez , Sennett Middle school (2017-09-11 14:47)
I think this article is amazing with plenty of details about Siberian Tigers, and them being close to extinction. This is important information for adults and children to read and think of ways that they can help Siberian Tigers.

P.S Amazing work :) – Amoni , Madison,WI (2017-09-11 14:49)

Great article! It's sad how close to extinction tigers are getting. Thanks for helping bring more awareness. – MariElena , Badger Rock Middle School (2017-10-22 18:14)