Mel's X Games

A Short Story

Mel was next. She nervously fidgeted with her skates. The steward shouted, “you're next!” She pulled on her helmet and took a deep breath. Mel was ready to participate in inline skating trials at the San Francisco X games.

Mel started with a powerful 540-degree spin and landed perfectly. With only 25 seconds left, she was about to do one move she had been working on for weeks called ''the brainless.'' Mel did a back flip, spun out of control, and then landed off balance.

Because of her landing, she lost some points. Nonetheless, her total was five points, which meant she scored enough to meet her goal and qualify for the finals!

Mel’s friends were cheering for her, saying, “that was a great run, you were really catching air, where did that brainless come from?” She looked up and gave a big smile.

[Source: Extreme Sports ]