Spectacled Bears are Named for Their Tell-Tale White Markings

The Spectacled Bear's ancestors arrived in North America approximately two million years ago. Originally from Central and South American countries including Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, these ginormous mammals are one of eight in the bear family.

Spectacled Bears get their name from the white rings around their eyes. On some bears, however, the famous white rings are on their chests. Spectacled Bears are relatively compact and light, which allows them to climb and live on the thinner limbs of fruit trees.

Male Spectacled Bears weigh 220-374 pounds on average, while females typically weigh 132-136 pounds. They can live up to 36 years, and their mating season spans April to June. Females usually have one to three cubs. These bears are herbivores, their typical diet consists of mostly fruit and vegetables.

There is another bear who looks like the Spectacled Bear, just without the spectacles around its eyes. This is the Sloth Bear. However, the Sloth Bear is usually a little bit heavier than the Spectacled Bear is, with a thicker and shaggier coat.

Spectacled Bears are slowly becoming extinct, due to deforestation and hunting. These bears are hunted often because natives of South America believe they are essential for making medicine.

Spectacled Bears are cute and unique animals. It would be a shame to see these creatures go extinct.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals ]

This bear is so cute! I didn't know that there were so many different kinds. Nice article Selyna! – Sarah , Useche (2017-04-13 19:03)