Spiders Work in Fascinating Ways

A species of arachnids, spiders are widely unique creatures.

Spiders have a number of interesting physical features. They have protection on the outside of their bodies, called an exoskeleton , which functions as armor. Another feature they're known for is their eight legs, each with several joints. Most spiders have a set of eight eyes, though some may have less. Since spiders don’t have noses or ears, they use hairs and bristles to sense their surroundings. Additionally, these arachnids use microscopic pores on their feet to smell, too.

Like humans, spiders also have blood, nerves, brains, and digestive systems. Unlike humans, however, they have glands for spinning and making silk and storing poison, which they use to kill their prey. Furthermore, male spiders have taste hairs that can pick up the scent of nearby females spiders and special slits on their bodies to detect when prey gets stuck in their webs.

In addition to their unique bodily features, spiders have some atypical skills. Some spiders can jump about 40 times farther than their body length, for example. On the end of a spider’s legs are two or three sharp claws that help them to climb on surfaces. Web-building spiders have a special claw that hooks on webs while they're constructing them; this allows them to climb on smooth surfaces, like glass.

A well-known fact, all spiders make silk with spinnerets that are located in their abdomens. Silk begins in the spider’s abdomen as a syrupy liquid, and the thickness of this liquid determines the strength of the silk. Some silk can even be stronger than steel, stickier than tape, and more elastic than rubber. It takes six separate glands for a spider to make silk. Also, female spiders make a special silk to hold their eggs.

Overall, spiders might seem scary or creepy, but they truly are fascinating creatures with amazing features.

[Source: The Big Bug Book ]