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3,400 Snake Species Roam the Earth
Only 21 Live in Wisconsin

Over 3,400 snake species exist on planet Earth-about 50 in America and 21 in Wisconsin. Both, major differences and similarities can be found among the species.

The size, diet, and jaw anatomy of these snakes differs depending on the snake breed. Some species eat larger prey, while others have unhingeable jaws. Some snakes can kill a person with a single bite that causes infection, while other breeds' bites are not lethal.

Snake breeds have varying diets based on where they live and their size. It wouldn't usually be expected to see a garter snake eating a squirrel, right? But in places like Africa and South America, snakes eat pigs, birds, dogs, and even fish and amphibians.

Despite their many differences, snake species have many genetic similarities. For example, all snakes are cold-blooded, absorb heat from an outside source, and can shed their skin to grow a new layer. No matter the breed, all snakes also flick their tongues to obtain smells and learn about their surroundings.

Though it might be surprising, there are actually friendly snakes to be found, too. The corn snake could be a wonderful pet, for instance. This breed is native to the southeastern and central United States, where they can grow up to six feet long.

Just like humans, snakes come in every shape, size, and color, and they hail from every country. Their differences are special and make every breed unique.

[source: Wisconsin State Journal ]

Wow! I didn't know there were over 3,400 species of snake. Great article. – Mario , Sennett (2016-05-16 14:05)
I really enjoy your article. Very interesting. – Sofia Mardak-Kennebeck , Sennett Middle School (2016-05-16 14:07)
I really enjoyed this article about snakes. – Riana Walls , sennett free press (2016-05-16 14:10)
You did a very good job on your article so creative. Please go to wright free press and look on the side and look for the title the riddle of the Nile. GREAT JOB KATRIN. – Joy Swift , Wrigh tFree Press (2016-05-18 16:02)
Your writing skills are amazing! Good job! – Chloe Hudson , Sennett Middle School (2017-05-01 14:25)