What Do You Get When You Mix Bears and Raccoons?

The red panda is a mammal famous for its resemblance to panda bears.

Red pandas typically weigh between six and 13.2 pounds and measure 51 to 63 centimeters long. They tend to mate in January through March and can have up to four babies, though on average they only have two.

These cuddly creatures have a number of unique traits. For example, red pandas have ears that are able to detect predators, like leopards. They also have semi-retractable claws that form horny pads, which are helpful for reaching their food like bamboo shoots, fruit roots, acorns, grass, insects, and eggs. Red pandas' strong jaws are perfect for eating bamboo, and their canines help them devour meat. In addition, these animals have molar teeth that help them grind up vegetation and tails that can grasp onto branches to help them balance when they climb trees.

Red pandas inhabit many different places. Some of their most popular homes are Nepal Bhutan, Northern Burma, Southern Tibet, and Yunnan.

Red pandas are beautiful animals with very interesting features. Unfortunately, however, there are only about 10,000 of them left in the world today. Their lifespan is unknown in the wild but, in captivity, they have lived to up to 14 years. Due to how little red pandas reproduce, it is uncertain if this species will survive much longer.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals ]