Giant Pandas Are the Beloved Animal of China

Have you ever wondered how pandas live or what they do? Giant pandas are very popular animals in China.

When giant pandas are born, they can weigh three to five ounces. After a few weeks of being born, they develop their white and black coat. When they turn a year old, they get to live on their own. Their mother then gives birth again. When pandas become adults, they can measure up to 27 to 31 inches when standing on four paws and five to six feet in length.

Giant pandas spend most of their time eating bamboo. They have a “thumb” on its front paws that helps it to peel bamboo. This is a false thumb that is made of an elongated wrist bone. These vegetarian animals also eat grass, flowering plants, and honey.

Giant pandas find their mates by scent and sound. They rub their scent glands against trees to find a mate. The male panda communicates with the female panda by an eerie call while she responds with a sheep-like cry.

Today there are less than 1,000 giant pandas. Since giant pandas in the wild are on the verge of extinction, the Chinese government decreed that anyone who kills a giant panda will be sentenced to death. Giant pandas are a popular animal visited in the Chinese zoos. If they are gone, China and the world will lose a lovable and treasured creature.

[Source: Wild Creatures ]