Desert Snakes Have the Amazing Ability to Survive the Harshest Climates

Snakes can live in almost any environment, but have you ever wondered how snakes live in the desert?

Desert snakes live in harsh conditions with almost no water, violent winds, and high temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius). At night, the temperature drops a significant amount.

There are many different kinds of desert snakes. Some live in the sandy regions of the Middle East, like the sand viper, the glossy snake, or the sand boa. These snakes are known as burrowing snakes because they go down into the ground to avoid hot temperatures. Sand snakes have smooth scales, which makes it easier to move on sand. Others like the rattlesnake and Salvadoran Mexicana live in rocky regions and they go under the rocks when it’s too cold or hot. The horned viper can live in both desert and rocky regions.

Snakes, like many other animals, have adapted to survive in different climates.

The desert snakes are a great example of their ability to survive.

[Source: Snakes A Natural History ]