African Wild Dog Population is Dwindling Swiftly

African wild dogs used to be widespread across the southern Sahara in Africa, but they are now limited to scattered localities in eastern and western Africa.

African wild dogs are a species similar to domestic dogs. Each African wild dog has a unique pattern of yellow, black, and white spots on its coat of fur. This cousin of the domesticated dog on average weighs 25 kilograms and can grow to be up to about 29-39 inches from head to paw and 12-16 inches from head to tail.

The African wild dog is a member of the Canidae, or dog family, which also includes the Greyhound dog. Comparing the African wild dog to a Greyhound reveals many similarities. For example, the African wild dog and the Greyhound both have lightweight frames and long, strong, slim legs. But, unlike the Greyhound, the African wild dog isn’t as speedy. The African wild dog instead prefers to pace itself so it can run for much greater distances.

The African wild dog is a rare but beautiful animal whose habitat is currently under threat. Poachers hunt and kill these animals often; scientists say that they can be saved by offering protection to this species, however. Then we might have a chance to re-establish their dwindling population.

[Source: The Encyclopedia of Animals ]

Dogs are so common in society that no one really thinks of them as wild animals. I have to wonder would it be cool to have one of these dogs...or just dangerous..? Cool article Mario. – Ace , Wright Middle School (2017-01-24 16:43)
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