Drug-Resistant Bacteria Pose Growing Threat in U.S

What would you do if you went to a medical facility for a small procedure and you ended up leaving with a rare, deadly illness that has no known cure? “Nightmare Bacteria,” better known as drug resistant bacteria, infects about two million Americans annually, causing 23,000 deaths.

This bacteria can be spread in different ways, the most common scenario is through IVs and other tubes used during medical procedures in hospitals. Even healthy individuals can contract these deadly bacteria.

Sometimes when drugs are ineffective, the last resort for people affected by these superbugs is to provide supportive care. Fluids and machines are used to keep patients alive in order to provide their bodies a chance to recover on their own.

Over time, more and more bacteria are evolving and adapting, developing immunities to a growing number of new and old antibiotics. Doctors are becoming increasingly concerned about the rise of these drug resistant bacteria. This is a growing threat in the U.S, affecting an increasing number of citizens.

[Source: AP News ]