One of Earth's Most Devestating Natural Disasters

Earthquakes are very common on Earth. They are caused when tectonic plates bump into each other and make energy waves. Many earthquakes happen in South Asia and California, because they are near fault lines. Fault lines are where tectonic plates come together.

Charles Richter built a machine in 1935 called the seismograph to measure the strength of earthquakes. Using this machine, experts now know more about when to warn people of coming earthquakes. But scientists are working continually to increase the accuracy of these predictions.

Many Earthquakes can cause a lot of damage. They can destroy buildings and even entire cities. Experts suggest that people should stay calm and safe under a sturdy desk or table during earthquakes. Even though writing about earthquakes is fun, it can also be dangerous and scary. So make sure you follow these steps and stay safe!

[Source: Simpson Street Free Press Archives ]

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