Not All Birds Can Fly

Did you know that not all birds can fly? Penguins, for example, have wings that they use not to fly, but as flippers, so they can swim through water.

Adult penguins are covered in black and white feathers that help them camouflage when they are swimming. When seen from below, penguins appear white, blending into the sky. When seen from above, they blend into the dark and often icy waters of the ocean. This helps them to stay safe from predators.

While many of the 17 penguin species live all across Antarctica, there are also many different types of penguins throughout the southern hemisphere, including along the southern coasts of Africa, Australia, and South America. Penguins also inhabit the country of New Zealand.

In these various places, penguins like to live in large groups called rookeries, which are made up of thousands of huddled penguins. Rookeries are formed to help these birds keep warm during their breeding season, and they also help protect penguin chicks from predators.

Even though penguins cannot fly, they are very interesting and complex birds!

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Penguins ]

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