Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Pledges to Diversify Newsroom

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel—the largest newspaper in Wisconsin—recently disclosed its goal to hire new staff, particularly focusing on hiring more women and people of color. Hiring new personnel will help bring more diversity to the newsroom and help the Journal Sentinel continue its commitment to employ a workforce that reflects the community it serves.

In a press release, the Journal Sentinel said that it was “important for journalists and newsroom staff with experiences and backgrounds” to help them understand what the public wants. According to the company, it is important for the Journal Sentinel to hear the concerns of the people they serve.

To help with their commitment, the Journal Sentinel will publish the makeup of their staff every year. It is a known tradition to show the readers the authors of the articles they are reading. The paper will regularly provide this information to the public and include the gender and racial makeup of journalists, managers and staff.

Data recently shared with the public showed that the majority of the newsroom staff were white, and employees of color make up slightly less than 25 percent. While managers were majority white, minorities make up 23.5 percent of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel employees. About 42 percent of current employees are women.

With the data collected, the Milwaukee Journal plans to create a newsroom that reflects the community they serve and create a more diverse setting by 2025. The company said they plan to hire more people of color and more employees from underrepresented communities.

[Sources: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; Gannett Newspapers]

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