The History of Electric Guitars

The electric guitar is fairly new in the world of music.

The first electric guitars were introduced in the 1930s and became fully amplified in 1940. B.B King made the electric guitar famous starting in 1949. He made the electric guitar famous because he changed rock music with the incredible guitar he had.

The strings playing on the electric guitar are similar to the strings playing a regular guitar and they still have to be strummed or plucked to make a noise. Whenever you strum the strings on a guitar and they vibrate, it creates a sound like your vocal cords when you speak. The bigger strings vibrate more slowly and also make a deeper sound, while the smaller strings vibrate more quickly and produce a higher pitched sound. The headstock of the guitar contains the pegs. The instrument is tuned by turning the pegs. The strings tighten and loosen which change the pitch.

Electrical guitars can be heard in many types of music like rock, pop, the blues, and many others.

Electric guitars are cool and I hope they never stop making them.

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