The Four Defenses of a Frilled Lizard

Freeze! The same way a frilled lizard does when it first sees a predator. After the frilled lizard freezes, it raises its frill to try to frighten the predator. Don’t worry, though, the frilled lizard is only found in New Guinea and Australia.

The frilled lizard measures at about ten inches and weighs up to eight pounds. They are carnivores as their diet only consist of insects, spiders, and other smaller animals. The lifespan of a frilled lizard is five years if it is living in the wild, but they can live up to ten years in captivity. The frilled lizard has four defensive functions in their body: the frill, scales, claws, and tail. The frill is a flap of skin that allows them to protect themselves from any predator, while the tiny, spiny scales cover their whole body and protect them from any harm. The claws help the frilled lizard to climb and dig burrows. The tail helps it balance.

The frilled lizard is also related to some dinosaurs. These small and cool lizards are an interesting part of the reptilian family.

[Source: Snakes and Reptiles]

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