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Eerie Double Aurora Lights Up Northern Sky

Two different auroras have appeared together at the same time with colors resembling a watermelon: green on the bottom and red on top. This phenomenon was seen by amateur astronomer Alan Dyers. Dyers was outside his house when he saw a beautiful display of the Northern Lights up in the sky. He took out his camera to record this unique image; his recording is the most complete recording of this special aurora.

This aurora differs from other Northern Lights, not only because of its unusual colors, but because of how these colors are made. The color green is a standard aurora, which comes from protons raining down into Earth's magnetic field. This causes the protons to bump into atoms and electrons.

The red part of the aurora has already been seen in other auroras, however astronomers do not know how it is made. The color red of this aurora is new to both astronomers and scientists and is believed to come from magnetic fields that heat up in certain parts of the Earth’s atmosphere, which can knock some particles around. They believe that when electron rain appears, it triggers the red aurora.

Although the lights look beautiful, they can have side effects. These lights could create a danger zone for radio communication and GPS systems if you are driving under them. These lights could also be helpful for predicting space weather forecasts in the future, but scientists have a lot more to uncover about these special lights before that is possible.

“This is a new way of doing research… When they take more and more cool images, they find more and more things that we don't know about,'' Toshi Nishimura, a space physicist, said.

The aurora is beautiful and interesting. Astronomers and scientists are finding new images of this watermelon-looking aurora and are working to learn more about it.

[Source: ScienceNewsExplorers]

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