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Smaller than a T-Rex, the Gorgosaurus was Faster and Hunted in Packs

There was a dinosaur named Gorgosaurus that was discovered a few years ago. The Gorgosaurus is a relative of the T-Rex, but were smaller, with a stronger bite and faster speed.

Like many other dinosaurs, the Gorgosaurus had muscular legs. Scientists believe that their legs helped them move at faster speeds considering how big they were. The speed of the Gorgosaurus was around 30 miles per hour. Its adult size was 26 to 30 feet long with a weight of three tons. During the Cretaceous period, the Gorgosaurus lived in what is now the United States and Canada. This creature’s name came from a Greek word, “fierce lizard.”

A notable feature of the Gorgosaurus was the two horns on its head. Their horns were used simply for display since they were useless in battle. Their hunting consisted of other dinosaurs that ate large plants, such as the ankylosaurus, hadrosaurus, and ceratopsians.

Scientists believe that these dinosaurs had feathers and that they were colorful. They also believe that it appeared blue and yellow under its chin to its belly and that it had very bright black stripes on its tail.

A Gorgosaurus was found in 2018 on private land in Montana; there were 79 bone elements that were still intact. Recently, it has gone up for auction and sold for a little over $6 million. What makes this fossil discovery unique is that it’s the only Gorgosaurus skeleton to be privately owned; all others are in museum collections.

Many scientists worry the opportunity to study fossils may decrease with the growing market of profiteers trying to sell fossils privately.

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