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What Life Was Like for Wisconsin's Early People

It is challenging to think about what life was like a thousand years ago. However, how about thinking all the way back to 10,000 years ago, when Wisconsin Natives were constructing living areas, tools, and mounds.

As time went on, people from different regions began to settle in what is now known as Wisconsin. For example, native groups from the Mississippi area traveled up the Mississippi River to reach Wisconsin. They planted gardens and began to set up living areas, growing crops such as corn and beans.

These early people in Wisconsin also were forming communities, and establishing rules and traditions that were shared from one family generation to another.

One of these traditions was what they did when they died. The indigenous people of Wisconsin built large mounds to bury their dead, formerly known as effigy mounds. Various unique burial mounds are located throughout Wisconsin. Certain effigy mounds are in the shape of animals and even humans.

There is a lot to discover and study in order to further understand Wisconsin’s indegenous history. Scientists are using strategies called excavation to uncover and analyze this information. This allows them to know even more about life in early Wisconsin.

Wisconsin was originally home to various indigenous communities and it is important to understand their history and traditions on this land. With more research, scientists are continuing to learn more about early life in Wisconsin.

[Sources: Wisconsin Historical Society; Milwaukee Independent]

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