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Cardinals in Wisconsin: These Beautiful Birds are Moving North

Northern cardinals are highly valued and favored songbirds in North America. These birds typically nest in Northern Wisconsin, along with parts of Minnesota and even Canada.

Cardinals generally avoid the south of North America and stay up north, mainly for the mass abundance of sunflower seeds which is a popular bird feeder. A cardinal’s eating period mainly occur in early morning and late night. As prey, they try to camouflage to hide from their predators. Aside from sunflower seeds, cardinals feed on insects, berries, and vegetables. In the colder months, cardinals travel in flocks to find more food.

During non-winter seasons, males and females usually raise their offspring together in nests hidden in bushes. Males, which are larger than the females, guard their territory and provide food for the chicks. Females keep the eggs warm and safe. After hatching, the parents keep feeding the chicks for one to two months.

If you ever travel to northern Wisconsin, see if you can spot these cardinals!

[Sources: Wausau Daily Herald; Wisconsin Society for Ornithology]

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