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New Baseball Stadium Opens in Wisconsin

A new baseball stadium built for the Lake Country DockHounds opened this summer in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

This stadium has a dog named Colt, whose job is to collect baseballs and bats. In addition, the stadium has electric bikes that come from a big company called Harley Davidson which kids can ride while at the stadium. The stadium has special seating they call pontoon boat seats made for groups of four. A fun fact about the seats is that these seats were taken from actual boats. There also will be seats at tables located right behind home plate and the third base dugout.

The Lake Country DockHounds start their first season in the summer of 2022. Two of the team's coaches are former Milwaukee Brewers: Dave Nilsson and Paul Wagener. Some teams that are set to play against the DockHounds are the Milwaukee Milkmen and the Kane County Cougars.

The team says this new baseball stadium is full of fun for families of all ages and for the community.

[Sources: : Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel; City of Oconomowoc]

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