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Learn About Different Pollinators!

Do you ever wonder how you get your honey? It comes from pollinators! Pollinators are animals that take pollen from one flower to another flower. Bees are the most well known pollinator.

Recently, bee populations have been shrinking. However, we can help. We can help bees by leaving spots in the yard for their habitats, growing flowers and trimming plants or shrubs. Leave stems somewhere on your property as many will have bee larvae in them. You can also buy honey and place it somewhere visible for these insects. This can help bees make honey for themselves and for us to eat.

Bees are one type of pollinator, but there are other types such as Hummingbirds. Similar to bees, when they land on plants to collect nectar, they may end up taking some pollen from a plant. As they travel to other plant, this pollen is distributed and helps fertilize surrounding areas.

There are many different types of pollinators. Now you know two different types of pollinators. It is important to continue our research into these pollinators and come up with more ways to protect them for the future.

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