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Would You Want to Live on Neptune?

Neptune, the smallest out of all outer planets, is known for its blue color. Methane is the reason for its color. Neptune has less then four percent of methane within its atmosphere.

Neptune is very far from Earth, approximately 2.5 billion miles away. Pluto is usually farther from the sun than Neptune, but once every 248 years, Pluto crosses in front of Neptune. The planet has enormous storms, but they don’t last as long as Jupiter's great Red Spot.

Neptune takes 165 Earth years to orbit around the sun. Due to the planet's orbit being almost a perfect circle, its seasons are all of even length. Neptune’s climate and seasons are different from Earth’s seasons.

Voyager 2 was the only space craft to go past Uranus and Neptune, which occurred in 1989. It wasn’t until after this mission that scientists learned more about Neptune's atmosphere.

It is amazing to discover things about space that had not been previously known. Scientists will continue to explore and learn about the various planets in our galaxy.

[Source: Encyclopedia Britannica Space]

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