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There’s a Chance the Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy Is Actually a Wormhole

Writers that love science fiction like the idea of wormholes. Go in a wormhole, and it might transfer you to another place in time.

Physicists have taken the time to study and talk about what it might actually look like inside a black hole. There could be a wormhole in the middle of our galaxy. One way scientists are able to confirm that wormholes exist would be to go through a black hole and see if there is a hidden bridge. Although, this would be a rare occurrence, since the Milky Way is more of a door than a dead end. They could also probably figure out if there is any presence of existing life on the other side.

Researchers have found that orbits of stars, such as S2, have been orbiting a giant black hole for years. Scientists say that if this star or other stars feel existence on the other side of a black hole then the star would perform a peculiar dance. It could begin to move and jump in unusual ways that signify a possible wormhole. Astronomers are planning to measure the orbit of the star S2 so they can narrow it down.

Wormholes are represented by a strange shape of space according to Einstein’s theory of gravity. Black holes have the power to create wormholes. The only way scientists can be sure if a black hole can manage to change the fabric of space would be to send an artificial satellite, but then we will have to wait years for a spacecraft to reach the closest black hole.

Currently there are limitations to the study of black holes and worm holes, but hopefully with time we can discover more about this universe and what lies beyond these components in space.

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