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New Fossil Discovery Sheds Light on a Mesozoic Era Species

The Ichthyosaur is well known by the name “sea dragon.” In February 2021, a 32 foot long Ichthyosaur fossil from 180 million years ago was found in England. This was the largest and most complete skeleton of its kind.

The name “sea dragon” comes from scientists' observations of the Ichthyosaurs' appearance. They are suspected to have had big eyes and teeth, and looked similarly to dolphins. They grew to be around 82 feet long with a weight of one ton for their skull alone.

During the existence of this creature, huge marine animals prowled in the oceans while dinosaurs roamed on land. They appeared for the first time about 250 million years ago and disappeared around 90 million years ago.

The Ichthyosaur is the largest and most complete marine fossil of its species.

Trucks carried the bones of the dinosaur to further investigate its remains. Afterwards, the fossils will be brought to a museum for people to observe.

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