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The Canola Flower: Beautiful and Delicious!

Canola is a flower that blooms in late winter to early spring representing Jeju Island in South Korea. It is a type of rapeseed and is part of the mustard family. There is even a festival named after the canola flower.

The canola is strongly related to brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Since rapeseeds used to have toxins in them due to acids, scientists bred a safer version of the rapeseed called “canola.” The canola has hairy edges on its oval shaped petals, and its seeds can be used as a source of cooking oil. Other uses for canola are ingredients in cosmetics and plastics. Canola has also proven to have anti-tumor properties.

To honor the flower’s beauty and importance, the people of Jeju hold an annual festival named the “Grand Canola Flower Party.” In 2016, this festival was renamed to “Jeju Canola Flower Festival.” The festival is located in Gasi-ri, Pyoseon-myeon in Seogwipo-si. The canola has been planted in its greatest volume where the festival is held.

Let us honor this flower's beauty and important features for as long as possible.

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